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November 2023 Student Artwork Feature

wall of student art hanging up

The month of November at the SBO is delving into exceptional skill and creativity across diverse art projects by Yorktown Middle School students.

The sculpture & crafts class created monoprints by stenciling with leaves, stamping random objects, and then drawing a creature of their choice that would “fit” the environment they created. These monoprints feature the butterfly, koi fish, and bee,

Intro to Art class studied colored pencil layering and use of non-normal combinations in completing villain portraits for Halloween.  This class also did the watercolor skylines and practiced solely on watercolor blending and color choice.

The drawing and painting class worked on documenting dreams and unique thoughts in the form of the black and white hands. After images were drawn and traced with Sharpie, students used pen and ink texture shading to add interests to objects and fill parts in to add contrast. They also worked on Chairoscuro, which taught the students strong contrasts between light and dark, to add colored pencil shading and blending combinations to a still life of chosen mushrooms.