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Parents are vital partners in the education of their children. Both experience and research tell us that a child's education succeeds best when there is involvement, communication and a strong partnership between home and school.

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How Parents Can Support Students

Be present. Attend open house, back-to-school night and parent-teacher conferences. Mark these important dates on your calendar. They are great opportunities to interact with your child's teacher and learn more about the school.

Focus on learning. Encourage your child to give their best effort, but emphasize the value of learning over making perfect grades. If your child is struggling in a specific area, ask the teacher to suggest ways you can help at home.

Stay connected. Make sure the school has your current contact information — phone and email — so you don’t miss any important announcements. Visit the Aspen Family Portal regularly to view student schedules, assignments and grades, as well as daily attendance records.

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Aspen Family Portal

Families can use the Aspen Family Portal to view student schedules, assignments and grades, as well as daily attendance records and family contact information.  For more information about Aspen, call the school counseling office.


We welcome both parent and non-parent volunteers in our school division. However, for the protection of our students and for the security of our schools, we require that all non-parent/ non-guardian volunteers fill out an application and be approved.  You can find more information at: