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Middle School Students Playing Sports At High School

High School Information:

Who is Eligible?

8th Grade Students

What is offered?


- Cross Country


- Wrestling

- Indoor Track


- Outdoor Track

- Boys Soccer

- Girls Soccer

High School Contact:

Athletic Director: John Ashley


Extra Information:

The students will be dismissed from YMS at the normal time during their athletic season.  They will ride the bus to YHS and must provide permission to the main office to ride the bus to the high school.

Once in a while, an early dismissal from school may be necessary.  This usually happens on days when there is an away game and travel is involved.  This is infrequent and the coach will alert the parent and school well in advance that their child may miss part or all of the school day.  Again, this is an infrequent occurrence.

All questions concerning your YMS student participating in YHS athletics not answered here should be directed to John Ashley, the Athletic Director for York High School.  Yorktown Middle School is happy to support the YHS athletic program in any way we can, but does not have any authority over the programs, personnel selection or policy of YHS athletics.